The Vision Thing

Leading with vision is a relatively new concept in business. When I say relatively new, I mean maybe thirty years ago, it wasn’t something that too many people talked about. And those who may have talked about it were probably led quietly away to a padded room somewhere, never to be seen again.

Even today, the idea of having a vision for one’s business or work group is talked about a lot but not necessarily actually used as a tool for achieving results. In fact, in some arenas, I would hazard to say that the idea of having a vision may still have a bit of “woo-woo” odor to it and so while most companies engage in developing a vision for their business, there are still some that frankly, waste their time and money because they don’t use it to their advantage.

A possible reason for this is that they don’t understand it; can’t relate to it, even if they did or; it’s too complicated and too full of business-speak to remember.

Here’s a link to an article that will give you an  idea of what I mean.  The article is a bit dated but the message remains current.

Something to think about:

What do you currently know about your organization’s vision? If your understanding of the vision is imprecise, what is missing?

Okay then, more on Wednesday…You’re invited, so check in won’t you?


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